International Student Resources: Welcome!

A guide to welcome international students to the St. Olaf library system.

With thanks!

With many thanks to Grace Atkins '13, who knows both libraries and international students well, for major work on this library guide.

Library Hours

Current Rolvaag Library Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 7:45am-12am
Friday: 7:45am-9pm
Saturday: 9am-9pm
Sunday: noon-2am

Click here for break and extended Rolvaag library hours.

Halvorson Music Library hours

Hustad Science Library hours

A Great Place to Study!

All 3 libraries contain lots of study areas,
as well as computer labs
and printers!

In Rolvaag, different floors are designated by noise level. If you want a
Super Quiet Study Space
head to Level 5, 2, or 3 1/2.

Also, there are several
group study rooms

located throughout Rolvaag and the Science Library if you are working on a group project or having a study session with friends.

St. Olaf Libraries

Welcome to the St. Olaf College libraries!

St. Olaf's research materials are housed in three separate libraries:

Rølvaag Memorial Library

Hustad Science Library

Halvorson Music Library

What Resources Do We Have?

The St. Olaf College libraries serve the college community by providing access to a universe of information, knowledge and art.
The libraries support the college’s mission by providing systematic instruction in the retrieval and evaluation of information as well as active support of the college’s curriculum.

The entire collection includes approximately 420,000 books, 22,000 media items, 5000 journal/periodical titles, and 18,000 music scores. An increasing number of journals are received electronically. The Libraries are also a partial depository for federal government documents.  The libraries have access to the Carleton collections, collections in the state of Minnesota and the upper Midwest as those of many libraries across the United States.