Research Instruction Menu: who are your librarians?

meet your librarians!

Kasia  Gonnerman
Head of Reference & Instruction
Office: Rolvaag 301
(507) 786-3501

Beth Christensen
Music Librarian*
Office: Music Library (CHM 147)
(507) 786-3362


Jason Paul
Reference/Instruction & Emerging Technologies Librarian
Office: Rolvaag 305
(507) 786-3307

Ken Johnson
Reference/Instruction Librarian
Office: Rolvaag 303
(507) 786-3793
Kris MacPherson
Reference/Instruction Librarian
Office: Rolvaag 304
(507) 786-6798
Charlie Priore
Science Librarian
Office: Science Library (RNS 160A)
(507) 786-3099

what's a library liaison?

Each department has a liaison librarian who will work with you to develop and support information literate learners. Liaisons will work with you on research instruction, assignment design, preparing new courses, and boosting library resources when needed.

liaisons by department