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ART 279: Topics: Transatlantic Visual Culture

Fine Arts Librarian office hours

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My name is Ellen - I'm the Music and Fine Arts librarian, and I'm here to help!!!!

I have two offices, one in the Music Library (CHM 147 - when you enter the music library, turn right!) and in Rolvaag Library (RML 306 - in the reference room on the main/3rd floor). If my door is open, come in! I post my weekly office hours on both my doors. I'm usually at the music library, but during interim, I will be at Rolvaag weekly on Thursdays from 2-5pm).

If you want to see my availability to schedule an appointment, go to and scroll down to see my calendar! Just email me at to schedule an appointment, or remotely ask me research questions.

Need help doing research, or putting together your annotated bibliographies, or citing sources (or any other aspect of this course)? It's my job to help - don't be afraid to come say hi!