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Special Education Research


This guide is designed to help undergraduate researchers (that's you!) who are embarking on a research project related to K-12 special education.

Special education includes any type of schooling that seeks to meet the needs of students who are not well-served by a "regular" classroom. Students with learning disabilities or disorders, gifted learners, and students with physical handicaps may all need additional support to succeed in school. Undergraduates doing research in this area may choose to study a particular exceptionality, a legal issue or law, a case study of a particular school or classroom, issues related to special education and minorities, pedagogical best practices for students with special needs, inclusion of special education students in the regular classroom, and more. 

Click on the tabs above to learn:

*how to get started;

*how to ask a great research question;

*and how to find sources and evidence to support your ideas.