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Norwegian Roots

This guide is designed to find family members, farms and communities in historic Norway.  It focuses primarily on the resources of St. Olaf College, and other resources that are publicly available over the web.  While there may be some resources in English, most materials will be written in Norwegian.  The guide was compiled to be of assistance to genealogists visiting St. Olaf; please do not consider it to the the "end all-be all" of Norwegian American genealogical research.  For those purposes, you should contact the centers to the left.  For a printable version of much of this material, please use this link:  Norwegian Genealogy and History in Rølvaag Memorial Library

Norwegian American Historical Association

Another St. Olaf resource focused on documenting the history of Norwegian Americans.  Does include materials useful to genealogical research but that is not the primary focus of the association.

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