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Asian Conversations 220: Engaging Asia with Voice and Representation

March 14, 2024: Google Maps Training Session

Creating the Spreadsheet

Create a Google Sheet with all of the information for this project - feel free to make a copy of the template provided in this section of the guide, create your own, or adapt the template to your own research.

Make sure to delete the example info in the first line before uploading the spreadsheet to Google Maps.

Tips for working with spreadsheets:

  • Come up with defined categories! Add dropdowns or lists in the "Category" column - this will preserve the data quality and also make it a lot easier for everyone in the group to enter data.
  • Lat/Long Coordinates - Latitude and Longitude are the easiest for the program to find the location. You CAN use addresses, however, all addresses should have written in a similar format otherwise Google Maps may have some difficulties.
  • Images & YouTube videos - This information can be added to the map pop-up. Make sure to include citation information in the spreadsheet, but the actual media content will be on the pop-up itself.

Tips! Group Data Collection

If you're working in a group, there are a couple ways we can manage the data in order to preserve the quality:

  • Make notes in the column headers on what you would like the format to be!
    • Dates: Do you want to write out full dates? Abbreviated? Add a comment to the column header so the rest of the group can keep track
    • Example: "January 1, 2024" versus "01/01/2024"
  • Add dropdowns
    • Categories: Decide which categories you want and add these to dropdown - as group members collect information, the category will be the same every time
    • Example: "One" versus "1" versus "one"
  • URL/Website Links
    • Make sure to paste the entire website link
    • Beware of anything that requires a login to view - readers may not be able to see it
  • Google My Maps --> Be careful about what you delete!
    • There is no way to retrieve information that has been deleted - it is recommended to store the information in the spreadsheet or notes in a Google Doc instead of on the Google Map itself
  • The spreadsheet is not synced to the map
    •  If changes are made to the spreadsheet, the data will need to be reuploaded

Create a Google My Map Project