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Russian 250: Queer Literature in Russia

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Keywords and Subject Headings

Keywords are the words that you already use to describe what it is you are researching.  This may be your own vocabulary or it can be terms you discovered from doing some initial exploring or terms you found in a basic encyclopedia article.

Subject Headings
Subject Headings are terms that librarians apply to items in the catalog.  This is a controlled vocabulary meaning that they are published and you must use the proper syntax in order for them to work.  Their power lies in the fact that they are systematically applied so when you discover one that accurately describes your research topic, you can use it in a search and guarantee that you have found everything on that topic.

Here are some examples of Subject Headings appropriate for this class:

  • Sexual orientation in literature
  • Homosexuality in literature
  • Queer theory
  • Homosexuality and literature - Russia (Federation)
  • Gays - Russia (Federation) - Social conditions
  • Literature and state - Soviet Union


Another good research strategy is to find a book in the catalog and then go to that section of the library and browse.  Sometimes you can find things you may not have uncovered in the catalog by simply scanning the shelves.  Here are two areas of Rolvaag that relate to this course:

Book call numbers that begin with:

DK - History: Russia, Soviet Union, Former Soviet Republics (5th floor of Rolvaag)

PG2900 - PG3698 - Russian Literature (2nd floor of Rolvaag)

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