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Greek Subject Guide

Basic Sources for Classics



Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. 14v. [Reference: P29 .E48 2006]

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's Ancient Languages. [Reference: P371 .C357 2004]

Oxford Companion to Classical Literature. [PA31 .H69 1989] or online version

Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome. 2v. [PA3002 .A5]

Greek Literature (The Cambridge History of Classical Literature). [PA3052 .G73] or online version

The Homer Encyclopedia. 3v. [PA4037 .A5 H58 2011]

The Encyclopedia of Greek Tragedy. 3v. [Reference: PA3133 .E53 2014]

Loeb Classical Library [Rolvaag Level 2: PA3611 - PA3612].  "The Loeb Classical Library® is the only series of books which, through original text and English translation, gives access to all that is important in Greek and Latin literature.  Epic and lyric poetry; tragedy and comedy; history, travel, philosophy, and oratory; the great medical writers and mathematicians; those Church fathers who made particular use of pagan culture—in short, our entire classical heritage is represented here in convenient and well-printed pocket volumes in which an up-to-date text and accurate and literate English translation face each other page by page."


A Greek-English Lexicon (Oxford). [Reference: PA445 .E5 L6 1996]

Dictionaire étymologique de la langue grecque: histoire des mots. [Reference: PA422 .C5 1999]

Thesaurus linguae graecae


Oxford Companion to Philosophy. [B51 .O94 1995] or online version

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 10v. [Reference: B51 .R68 1998]

Routledge History of Philosophy. 10v. [B72 .R6] or online version
    especially v1: From the Beginning to Plato; and v2: From Aristotle to Augustine

Encyclopedia of Classical Philosophy. [B163 .E53 1997]


The Oxford Dictionary of Classical Myth and Religion. [BL715 .O94 2003]

Encyclopedia of Ancient Deities. [Reference: BL473 .C67 2000]

Women of Classical Mythology. [Reference: BL715 .B445 1991]

The Oxford Guide to Classical Mythology in the Arts, 1300-1990s., 2v.
[Reference: NX650 .M9 R45 1993]
Organized alphabetically by mythological figure.  There is a brief description of each figure followed by references to where that character appears in the classical literature.  There are cross-references to other characters and a bibliography containing listings for where these mythological characters have appeared in music, dance, art, and literature.


The Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture. 2v. [N5610 .G76 2007] or online version

The Oxford Guide to Classical Mythology in the Arts, 1300-1900s  
[Rolvaag & Music Reference NX650 .M9 R45 1993]

Lexicon iconographicum mythologiae classicae (LIMC).  [Carleton Reference N7760 .L49 1981]


The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing Throughout World History.  3v.  [Reference: GT507 .G74 2008]


Atlas of the Greek and Roman World in Antiquity. [Reference: G1033 .A84]

The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece. [Reference: G2001 .S1 M6 1996]


The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome. 7v. [Reference: DE5 .O95 2010] or online version

Brill's Encyclopedia of the Ancient World: Antiquity. 15v.  [Reference: DE5 .N4813 2002]

Brill's Encyclopedia of the Ancient World: Classical Tradition. 5v. [Reference: DE5 .P33213 2006]

The Cambridge Ancient History. 14v. [D57 .C252] or online version

The Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization. [R.R. DE5 .C28 2006]

The Oxford Classical Dictionary. [DE5 .O9 2003] or online version

A Companion to Greek and Roman Historiography. 2v. [Reference: DE8 .C65 2007]

Women's Roles in Ancient Civilization. [HQ1127 .W654 1999]

Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Greek and Roman Women. [HQ1136 .L54 2000]