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Japanese 320: The World of Spirited Away

Timeline Entry Examples

Please note - the Google Sheet MUST be public or visible to "anyone with the link" in order for it to work in Timeline JS. All images or media stored in Google Drive that is added to the timeline must also be public or visible to "anyone with the link".

Data Formatting

Entries have to be made in the timeline spreadsheet in order to be viewed a specific way on the interactive version of the timeline! During the project, if you need to double check the formatting - I have also included comments on the column headers of the example spreadsheet on this library guide. A couple things are required:

  • Add a Year, Month, Day, Time
    • Year: Should be 2024 since we are doing posts
    • Month: It has to be the numerical value for the month - in this case March (3)
    • Day: Include the day that you are adding the entry on the timeline
    • Time: The time needs to be in the 24 hour (military time) format. If you need any help with the conversion, this online calculator can change the time!
  • Display Date
    • In this column, you can add how you want the date to look. If you originally added 3/8/2024 9:30:00 to represent the entry on the timeline, you could set the display date to "March 8th" and it won't impact how the timeline functions.
  • Add a Headline, Text, and a Media link
    • Media link: Include the link to picture or YouTube video


There is sometimes a lag in updating data. If you do not see a change on the Timeline right away - give it a couple of minutes and it will show up! Sometimes you may need to refresh the browser for the spreadsheet for the updates to show up.

Extra Resources