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Oboe Studio

Research and Instruction Librarian for Music & Fine Arts

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Karen Olson
Christiansen Hall of Music 147 (Music Library)
& Rolvaag Library 306

New Music for Oboe

Click here to see new oboe repertoire at Halvorson Music Library!

Finding Scores in Catalyst

As a musician, you'll probably want to look at musical scores! It can be tricky to get Catalyst to show you scores instead of books. This video demonstrates how to use filters to tell Catalyst what formats you want.


Useful Call Numbers

If you're the kind of person who just likes to browse the stacks and see what is there, here are some useful call numbers for oboists!

  • M 65-69 Oboe solos
  • M 245-246 Oboe plus 1 (includes oboe and piano)
  • M 1023 and M 1123 Oboe concertos with piano reductions
  • M X57.2 Woodwind chamber music; replace the X with the number of players you want (i.e., 357.2 = woodwind trios, 557.2 = woodwind quintets)
  • ML 940-943 Books about the oboe
  • MT 360-368 Oboe technique (etudes, orchestra excerpts, etc.)