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Dance Subject Guide

An introduction to resources in dance at St. Olaf College

Catalyst vs. Article Databases

You can search for articles in Catalyst or in research databases.

The pros for searching in Catalyst are that you already are familiar with the user interface and that Catalyst defaults to showing you material to which we have immediate access. 

The pros for searching in research databases is that most databases are subject-specific, so your searches are automatically limited to a particular topic. Also, if you are interested in finding materials beyond what is at St. Olaf, the research databases can show you other articles we can acess through Resource Sharing (Interlibrary Loan).

Dance and Movement Research Databases

Other Useful Databases

Music Databases

If your dance form is closely tied to a musical style, you may have good luck searching in music databases.

Anthropology Databases

If you are researching folk dance, anthropology databases are a good place to look for information. It is helpful to use the name of the people or region as one of your search terms.

Interdisciplinary Databases

These databases cover a wide variety of topics and can be a good place to start if you want a broad overview of your topic.