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Religion 121N: Word and Water

E-resource for bible texts

Translations and Editions

Working with bible texts

Reading Across Translations
It is always a good idea to read your passage in more than one translation.  Since most students do not have the language skills to get at the original texts in ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, the best we can do is see how various translators have rendered words and phrases into English.  Reading across translations gives the reader a sense of the underlying nuances of the original vocabulary.  The Complete Parallel Bible (see left panel) is the most convenient way to do this since it lays out 4 translations side by side.

New Oxford Annotated Bible
Most Religion 121 classes use the New Oxford Annotated Bible.  Rolvaag Library has three copies that you can use in the library.  Two copies are located in the Rolvaag reference room, and one in the book shelf at the Rolvaag Reference desk.

The People's Bible
The People's Bible is a unique edition of the NRSV translation published by Fortress Press.  It includes accompanying essays that focus on the bible as a text for cultures (African American, Latinas/os, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Euro-Americans).  Other essays include: "The Bible as an Instrument of Reconciliation", "The Bible and Empire", "Women, Culture, and the Bible", and "Jesus and Cultures".

Jewish Study Bible