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Creating Stable Links to Library Resources

This guide explains how to create durable links that work for St. Olaf users on- and off-campus.

Links that work off-campus

One of the easiest and best things you can do to ensure your links work for all St. Olaf users is to add our "proxy prefix" in front of the URL.  Our proxy prefix is:

So, to create a link to JSTOR that provides the same access on-campus and off, your link would be:

Please note that you should only add this to library resource links.  It won't work if you add it to something that we don't subscribe to, for example:

Stable and Durable Links

Persistent URLs (also called PURLs, stable URLs, persistent links, or durable links) are internet addresses that remain constant. 

Many databases vendors (e.g., Ebscohost, ProQuest, Gale, JSTOR) include a stable or persistent URL in the record.  When you find an item, look for the stable URL. It's often found under 'cite' or 'permanent URL' links.  Only use the URL in the address bar as a last resort! 

Some databases are extra nice and include the proxy prefix (see above) but if they don't, be sure to add that to the beginning of the stable URL.

Here's how a permanent URL looks in JSTOR:


So a stable URL for this record that would work both off-campus and on-campus would be:

Not sure if your URL is stable?

Contact the research desk--we'll be happy to help you find the best link!