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Music 281:Solo Vocal Literature I

A resource for the classical singer, including how to find repertoire, translations, pronunciations, and pedagogical works.

Getting Started

This guide will help you locate basic information related to vocal literature.  Use the tabs above to locate a variety of materials, all of which are available in Halvorson Music Library. 

Photo: Singing Maiden, ca. 1984, fired clay, with slip and beeweed by Helen Cordero Source: Flickr Commons, Accessed March 12, 2012 via

Music Librarian

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Karen Olson
Christiansen Hall of Music 147 (Music Library)
& Rolvaag Library 306

How is Music Material Arranged?

  • M = the music itself (i.e. scores, printed music, recordings)

  • ML = books about music history and literature

  • MT = books about music theory, music education, and instruction and study (including many method books)