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Music 269: Opera Workshop

Our stacks - all you need to know

Every library uses call numbers to organize their collections (this helps us keep track of everything!) You'll see these as a sticker on the spine or side of the book or score. There are different types of organization "schemes", but we use Library of Congress in our library. View the Library of Congress classification breakdown here.

In the music library, we have three major types of call numbers:

  • M: Music scores
  • ML: Books about music (literature)
  • MT: Music teaching materials (method books, pedagogy publications, etc.)

Your class will be examining the Ms heavily. Our Ms start in the reference area - the large shelves next to my office are where the Ms begin. Then, beyond the circ desk, there are several more shelves. These shelves also contain Ms!


Within our Ms, possibly the most relevant are the items published between M1-3, and M1495 to 2199!

  • M1 - 3: these are special collections of pieces or works. Typically, they have something in common (ex. they're all motets from the 1400s, or they're all written by the same composer). 
  • M1495 - 2199: where the vocal works live! For opera specifically, the M1500s (dramatic works) will be especially helpful!

Stuck? Don't know how to navigate our spaces? Ask one of our friendly staff or student workers for assistance! No question is a bad one.