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Music 269: Opera Workshop

Searching for Sheet Music in Catalyst

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Title Slide: Searching for Sheet Music in Catalyst

Ellen Ogihara
Music and Fine Arts Librarian

Slide 1: Hoping to use Catalyst to find some sheet music? Good news: it’s easy!

Follow along to learn how to find sheet music via Catalyst!

Slide 2: First, navigate to the St Olaf Libraries homepage.

Slide 3: In the homepage, click the “Books” button to search for books, e-books and scores.

[Image: A screenshot of the St Olaf Libraries homepage, with a red arrow pointing to the Books tab above the search bar. The Books tab is also circled with red arrow

Slide 4: When you get to the search results, use the left sidebar to filter results to just scores (under “Material Type”).

[Image: Screenshot of the search results after searching for “Scott Joplin in the “Books” tab. A red arrow points to the left sidebar: specifically, to the “Material Type” filter section. To limit results to just scores, we’ll need to select the material type, “scores”.]

Slide 5: Now that you’re only looking at scores, click on the item of your choice.

[Image: A screenshot of a search result item: “Treemonisha”, an opera by Scott Joplin. There is an arrow pointing to the title of the work, with accompanying text stating “Click the title!”]

Slide 6: Below the initial item information is the section labeled “Physical Copies”. Here, the call number is listed! You’ll need this to find the item in our library.

[Image: A screenshot of the item record for “Treemonisha”. There is a red arrow pointing to the section of the item record that is named “Physical Copies.” There is also a red circle around the words “Physical Copies”. There is also a text memo next to the red arrow, which states, “Note: if something is checked out, the record will say the item is ‘Not Available’”.]

Slide 7: (Note: make sure to check the location to determine whether an item is in our collection or Carleton’s!)

Slide 8: Under “Physical Copies”, you’ll also notice a “Map It!” button. Click this… (continued on next slide)

[Image: A screenshot of the item record for “Treemonisha”. There is a red arrow pointing to the button that says “Map It!” There is also a red circle around the words “Map It!”.]

Slide 9: … to see exactly where the item lives on the shelf!

[Image: A screenshot of the result of clicking the “Map It!” button. There is a colored map of the music library, with shelves in blue. There is a red pin on a specific shelf, indicating where the particular item (in this case, “Treemonisha”, lives in the stacks).]

Slide 10: To request an item, or a digitized chapter, you’ll want to “Sign in”.

[Image: A screenshot of the item record for “Treemonisha”. There is a red arrow pointing to the section of the item record that states “Please sign in to check if there are any request options.” There is also a red circle around the words “Sign In”, which is to the right of the aforementioned text.]

Slide 11: Login with your St. Olaf username and password!

[Image: A screenshot of the “login for access” page that appears when one clicks on the “Sign In” button, described in the previous slide.]

Slide 12: Now you’ll see more options!

[A new screenshot of the item record for “Treemonisha.” Now we see new buttons; we can now either “Request for library pickup” (request an item beforehand, then pick up at your selected library) and “Request a Digitized Chapter” (request a scan of a chapter or movement of a work).]

Slide 13: One fun tip: virtual browsing!

If you’re off campus and/or not in our music library, you can virtually browse our stacks to see what’s in our collection!

Slide 14: To do this, scroll to the bottom of an item record. You’ll see something like this:

[Image: A screenshot of the virtual browse feature. There are five records side by side, as if they were in the stacks side by side. These records are ordered by call number order. The middle record is the record we are viewing (“Treemonisha”). The two records preceding “Treemonisha” are two items that directly precede “Treemonisha” in the physical stacks, and the two records following “Treemonisha” are two items that directly follow this piece in the physical stacks.]

Slide 15: Use the arrows on the left and right to virtually browse!

[Image: The same screenshot from the previous slide, except there are red circles around the left and right buttons, which flank the five records we are seeing in the virtual browse view. There are also large arrows pointing to these buttons.]

Slide 16: Questions? Ask one of our friendly music library staff or student workers for assistance!