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FYS 120Q: Celebrity: American Idols and Icons

Catalyst Books Search


Catalyst Tips

Here are some tips for improving your skills when searching Catalyst:

  • Select the tab right above the search box to indicate whether you are looking for books or articles.  If you leave it set to Catalyst (the default), you will get all formats in your search results.
  • Use the filters to the left of your search results to narrow your results to items that are most appropriate to your needs.
  • When you find a record for a book that looks on target, open that record and look for the "Subjects".  This list can build your vocabulary as you do more searching in Catalyst.  You can also click on one of the Subjects to conduct another search.
  • If you are searching for an item where you already know the title or author of the item, use the Advanced Search.  Advanced Search will help you be more precise in your searching.

Subjects to search

Searching Catalyst by SUBJECT

Searching Catalyst by SUBJECT is the smartest way to search the book catalog.  The best way to do this is to search Catalyst using the Advanced Search feature (see screen shots in the box below).  Subjects are systematically applied to all records in the book catalog using a controlled library vocabulary.  Once you discover Subjects that describe your research topic well, you simply click on them and Catalyst will do a search using that Subject term.  I've listed below Subject terms that should be of help.

After performing the search, look to the left of your search results and click on "Online Resources".  This will guarantee that you are only looking at e-books that you can access from off campus.  When you locate a book that you are interested in, open the record and scroll down to the link that you can click on to access the book.  (We will do this in our library session so that you can see how this is done).


  • Celebrities
  • Celebrities -- United States
  • Celebrities in mass media
  • Fame -- Social aspects
  • Hero worship -- United States
  • Rock music -- Social aspects
  • Sports spectators -- United States -- Psychology
  • Women in popular culture