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Film and Media Studies 294: Academic Internship

Research & Writing Tutors

Research and Instruction Librarian for Music & Fine Arts

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Karen Olson
Christiansen Hall of Music 147 (Music Library)
& Rolvaag Library 306

Video Reporting

Want to learn more about video reporting? Films on Demand includes a number of segments on video reporting and journalism.


Need to do some fact-checking? Popular sites include:

AP Fact Check -- from the Associated Press

Politifact -- home of the Truth-o-Meter, gauging the accuracy of politicians' public statements, Tweets, Facebook posts, etc.

Snopes -- specializing in urban legends and internet rumors

Looking for international fact-checking?

Check out this list of fact-checkers from Choose "Global fact-checking sites" and then "Browse in list" to look for fact-checkers by continent. 


Want to learn how to conduct an interview? Investigate these resources.

10 Journalistic Techniques for Successful Interviews -- from

Interviewing Principles -- from Columbia University

Interviewing a Source: Tips -- from The Journalist's Resource