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German 252: Contemporary Germany

Contemporary Germany

Welcome to the online research guide for German 252

Please use this guide to find the resources you need to conduct your research.

If you have questions as you are doing your research, you can meet with me or a peer research tutor.

Meet with Me
Just click on the "Request research consultation" button in my profile to the left.  Select a date and time and then scroll down and fill out the form.

Meet with a peer research tutor
Use this link.  Pick a day and time, scroll down and fill out the form.


Click on the IM bubble on the lower right hand corner of any library web page.

Some things to remember about research

Some things to remember about research:

  • Research takes time!
  • Research is reading.
  • Research is not necessarily linear.
  • In the early stages of research, keep an open mind!
  • Research builds on other research.
  • Research looks different in different disciplines.