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Writing 120C: Climate Change and the Arts

A research guide for artistic responses to climate change

Environmental Studies Databases

Click here to view the recommended research databases for environmental studies.

Art and Literature Research Databases

Interdisciplinary Research Databases

For topics like the intersection of climate change and the arts, it can be a good idea to look in interdisciplinary databases. These cover a wide range of topics and provide a good overview of the scholarly conversation that could spark your own research idea.

Other Research Databases

St. Olaf College Libraries subscribe to many more research databases.  Click here for a full list.  You can use the dropdown menus at the top of the list to filter by subject (art, biology, history, etc.) and type of material (research, images, newspapers, etc.)

Screenshot of the Libraries' A-Z database list, with the dropdown menus for subject and database type.


If you need help choosing databases or finding articles, make a research appointment with Karen!