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Nursing 212: Foundations of Professional Nursing


This guide is designed to help you locate, evaluate, and cite sources for your research in Nursing 212. For further assistance, you can:

Databases for Nursing Literature

Types of Review Articles

Cochrane Reviews

What is a Cochrane review?

As defined on their website, "A Cochrane Review is a systematic review of research in health care and health policy that is published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews." Cochrane is widely respected and publishes thousands of rigorous systematic reviews. However, Cochrane is far from the only source of systematic reviews; you can also find high-quality systematic reviews published in scholarly journals.

Where can I find Cochrane reviews?

You will often see Cochrane reviews in PubMed and CINAHL search results. When searching in either PubMed or CINAHL, you can use advanced search tools to search specifically for Cochrane reviews.

There is also a separate database specifically for Cochrane reviews on the Cochrane Library website, but I generally don't recommend searching here, as you'll frequently hit paywalls.