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Choosing an Ethical & Legal YouTube Video

Since YouTube permits users to upload almost anything they want, it is quite common to find music uploads that have not been sanctioned by the musicians or their management. This means the artists are not getting paid for their work when you view these videos.

Check that your YouTube video has been uploaded responsibly.

1. Check the owner of the channel -- ideally, it will be the artist's professional channel. 

2. Check the licensing information by expanding the video details. Make sure that the song/performer/record company details are correct. Music licensing is very complicated, but look for groups like BMI (Broadcast Music International) or record labels like Sony to help verify that the video is licensed appropriately. (For established artists in popular music genres, this information is usually accurate -- unless you're dealing with covers of songs. Covers sometimes get attributed to the wrong artists.)

Screenshot of the details of a YouTube video of Nicki Minaj's Super Bass. The channel is Minaj's professional channel. The licensing information correctly credits her distributors.