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Government Documents

Major Sources 
Website for Congress. Includes roll call votes, legislation, Congressional Record, and more going back to the early to mid-1990s.

Congressional Record

There are a number of ways to locate the Congressional Record.

The records of Congressional debate have been published under multiple names. The Congressional Record can be accessed through ProQuest Congressional Publications or in the library collections. Recent editions are available directly from Early records are digitized by the American Memory Project and accessible via the hyperlinks below.

  1. Annals of Congress (aka Debates & Proceedings of Congress): 1st - 18th (1789 - 1824) 
  2. Register of Debates of Congress: 18th - 25th (1824 - 1837) 
  3. Congressional Globe: 23rd - 42nd (1833 - 1873)
  4. Congressional Record: 42nd - present (1873 - present)

Other Sources

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