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History 249: Genealogy and History Workshop


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Sara Lynnore
Rolvaag Memorial Library (RML) 477
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Accessing ArcGIS Online

It is recommended to use Chrome when using ArcGIS Online!

Quick points for logging in an accessing ArcGIS Online:

  • Make sure when you log into the site, the St. Olaf banner shows up!
  • "stolaf" should be in the URL

Story Map Example

What is the best way to create a Map Tour for this type of project? Here are some recommendations and things to keep in mind:

  • There may be incomplete records that do not contain a full location - use your best guess!
  • Some regions may no longer exisit
  • Creating a spreadsheet list will help keep track of where you want to map locations

Spreadsheet Example

Keep track if the information in a spreadsheet list - this will make it easier to map or decide where you want to place locations.

I have questions!

If you have any project questions - feel free to reach out to Sara ( - she can help with technical issues, mapping questions, or if you need to brainstorm the best location to pick.

Publishing and Sharing Links

When finished with your Story Map, make sure to click on the Publish button on the top right in order to share the link. You can publish the project at anytime and keep working on it - it will sync changes.

For share settings, make sure to select "Public" and set as unlisted!

Note: If you are not comfortable with making the project public for any reason, share it as "Organization" only