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PACON 180: Foundational Debates

Requesting Materials from Other Libraries

There are a number of ways you can discover articles that St. Olaf College doesn't have.  Maybe you found one mentioned in the bibliography of another resource.  Maybe you found a record for it in a database or in WorldCat, but the Find It! button didn't locate it in Catalyst

Regardless of how you learned about the item, you can ask other libraries to share it with you using a Resource Sharing form in Catalyst.


1. Say you found an article in another bibliography, but when you looked for it in Catalyst, nothing came up. This happens because Catalyst defaults to showing you only articles available through St. Olaf. If you also want to see items from other libraries, select "expand your search beyond the St. Olaf and Carleton libraries" from above your results list.



2. Now your search includes results for materials we don't have. If we don't have it, you will see the golden "check or request" notice in the record.

If you are started outside of Catalyst, like in Academic Search Premier or WorldCat, and you click the Find It! button for something we don't have, you will see this same notice when you are routed back to Catalyst.

Screenshot of a Catalyst record for an article we do not have. The notice to "check for physical copies or request a copy" is marked in red.

3. Scroll down in the article's record. There is a link to sign in with your St. Olaf ID so that you can request a scan via Resource Sharing.

Screenshot of the "sign in" button.

4. Once you have signed in, a new link to "request via resource sharing" appears.  Click the link to be taken to a form to request the article.  The details should be filled out already. Double-check that they are correct, sign off on the copyright agreement, and submit!  Article requests are usually processed within 2-3 business days, often much sooner. You will receive an email when the scan is ready for you to download.

Screenshot of link to request via Resource Sharing