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Asian Studies 230: Philosophy of Anime

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About This Guide

Welcome to the library guide for Asian Studies 230 (Fall 2019) - Philosophy of Anime!

Check out the different sections of the guide to see specific resources. If you have any questions, stop by the research desk in the front entry of Rolvaag Memorial Library!

For additional questions on research materials, contact Ann Schaenzer (

For questions on resources in the DiSCO, send in a DiSCO Resource Request.


Final Project - Library Display

Final projects will be on display in the Rolvagg Memorial Library atrium from November 11th - 27th.

Utena: Reimagining Magical Girl Genres and Fairy Tales

Anime & Manga Timeline: 1907 - Present

Not a complete list - but this timeline includes some notable events, publications, and the establishment of animation studios associated with the anime and manga industries.