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MUSPF 152 I, 252 I: Music Performance Studies - Voice


Created by Kali Schwartz, our intrepid Music Library Access Services Associate! September, 2021

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Title Slide: Welcome to Halvorson Music Library: Introduction to our Spaces Fall 2020

[Image: St Olaf Libraries and IT logo]

[Popup image: A green cloud that says, “But first, a few reminders!”]

Slide 1: The Library is a MASK ON space!

[Image: Johann Sebastian Bach wearing a mask made of a transcript of one of his works]

Slide 2: Please Practice Social Distancing: 6 feet

[Image: a poster showing two people 6 feet apart, with a fully extended trombone also between the two people, accompanied with the text, “Keep 1 fully extended trombone”]

Slide 3: No food is allowed in the Library. Beverages in spill-proof containers only

[Image: An apple is crossed out. Next to the apple are six different spill-proof bottles with caps.]

Slide 4: No camping or unattended belongings.

[Image: A photo of a carrel with a students laptop, backpack, and various belongings spread out on the carrel. This visual photo is used as an example of “camping”, but other examples include instruments/instrument cases left behind during a rehearsal]

Slide 5: Thanks for helping to keep our library safe! And now for the tour…

Slide 6: Visit the circ desk for: Checkouts and returns, Course Reserves, Questions and more!

[Popup image: a red text bubble that says: “We can help!”

[Image: a photo of the Music circ desk, complete with newly installed plexiglass screens!]

Slide 7: We have a variety of study spaces

[Image: a photo of the carrels in the music library, with every other carrel marked off with gold and black ribbon to indicate it cannot be used]

Slide 8: filled with natural light

[Image: a photo of the reference area, with lots of natural light! There are only one to two seats per reference table, to ensure there is social distancing between patrons]

Slide 9: GarageBand, Sibelius, and more!

[Image: a photo of one of our many computer desks, which live by the window. Every other seat is crossed off with ribbon to ensure social distancing happens!]

Slide 10: And players for CDs, LPs, and cassette tapes.

[Image: a photo of one of our audio playback desks. Like the computer desks, every other seat is crossed off with ribbon to ensure social distancing happens.]

Slide 11: Don’t forget about the books!

[Image: a photo of our stacks, packed full of items!]

Slide 12: scores

[Image: a photo of an open score being held up next to a section of our stacks.]

[Popup image: a green cloud stating, “Check us out!”]

Slide 13: literature

[Image: a photo of some of our many MLs, or books about music]

Slide 14: history

[Image: a photo of a different section of our stacks, with someone’s hand pulling out a book entitled, “Hawaiian Music and Musicians - An Illustrated History”, edited by George S. Kanahele.]

Slide 15: even movable stacks!

[Popup image: a purple text bubble that says, “daily workout here!”]

[Image: a photo of our movable stacks, which are moved by rotating the crank at the front of each shelf. Our periodicals and MTs, or our books about teaching music, live here!]

Slide 16: Browse the reference section,

[Image: a photo of a portion of our reference books]

Slide 17: current periodicals.

[Image: a photo of our current periodicals section, which lives next to the music librarian’s office]

Slide 18: and get your copies done too!

[Image: a photo of our copier, which now lives right next to the reference area!]

[Popup image: sanitize hands before and after!]

Slide 19: Suggestions are always welcome,

[Image: a photo of our physical suggestion box, next to a poster indicating that the suggestion box has gone virtual! Submit your suggestions at]

Slide 20: and be sure to meet with Ellen for research advice and a wealth of musical knowledge!

[Image: a photo of Ellen’s office sign at CHM 147]

[Popup image: Ellen’s directory photo]

Slide 21: Thanks for Watching! We look forward to seeing you in the library soon.

[Image: St Olaf Libraries and IT logo]