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Data Management

Request R Accessing or Reporting Issues

IT supports two RStudio Workbench servers:

  • - Used only for classes. Faculty can request their courses be added to this server.
  • - Used for curricular and undergraduate research projects. Individual users can request access to this server. 

You can use the RStudio Server Request form for:

  • Request access to Roar
  • Request the creation of a course folder on the class R server (faculty)
  • Have a package installed

What is IT able to assist with in R Studio?

While working on a project that involves access to R Studio, IT is able to:

  • Create class folders
  • Assist with installing packages
  • Troubleshoot access issues to R or Roar
  • Resolve issues with storage quota or grant more storage

IT is not able to assist with R code implementation or creation.