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Data Management

What is a Data Management Plans (DMP)?

A Data Management Plan (DMP) can be created for any scenario. They can be used to track data for a project, or for funding purposes. Research projects at St. Olaf are not typically required to have a DMP, however, if the project is part of a grant it is possible that the grant may require it.

Record the information in a way that makes the most sense for your project. These plans can include:

  • Main point of contact for the project
    • Who is the main contact for the project in the even that someone graduates or leaves the college?
  • Account information, equipment, or software required for the project
    • Who has main ownership? Is it stored in a Google Shared Drive?
  • The type of data needed for the project
  • Does the project require an IRB?
  • Data collection/creation methods
  • Roles needed for the project
  • What type of results should you expect?
    • This is not about what is right or wrong - for example, if you expect data to be in a CSV format, that can be documented.
  • Do you have any sharing policies for the project?
    • This can apply to any sensitive data - do you need approval to share information?
  • Data storage policies and retention
    • What do you need to keep, how long do you need to keep it?

(Source: University of Connecticut)

Data Management Plan Template

Working on your project and need a Data Management Plan template? Feel free to copy this template to your account and add, remove, or update information as needed. This template is created based on recommended best practices that we have at St. Olaf College for research projects.

These templates have been adapted from the NIH-Default DMSP template provided by the National Institutes of Health on the DMPTool website.

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