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Political Science 350: Immigration and Citizenship

Logging into ArcGIS Online

Make sure when logging in:

  • Safari sometimes has issues with logging in and accessing projects! If you receive an error, switch to Chrome
  • Log into - make sure that the St. Olaf banner shows up

Spreadsheets (for mapping)

Are you working in a group? Sharing ArcGIS Projects

To work with a group in ArcGIS Online - items have to be shared to a collaborative group! There are a few notes about ArcGIS Online collaboration:

  • After accepting the email invite and activating your account, then you can be added to the group!
  • ArcGIS Online does not have simultaneous editing like Google Docs - multiple people can edit a project, but not at the same time. The easiest way to work on ArcGIS Online projects in a group is to divide up the work that needs to be done! This will help delegate the work that needs to be done in the map so multiple people don't need to access the same project at the same time.
  • Make sure that all items are marked as "organization only" or "public" - if the item is set to "private" visibility, no one in the group will be able to access it even if it's shared to to the ArcGIS Online Group.

Share your projects (Story Maps, maps, data, etc.) to the PSCI 350, Spring 2023 Group!



What can we do with Story Maps? Check out some examples:


Looking for some website resources, design recommendations, and best practices? Check out a few of these links!

Working with Census or Demographic Data

What to use demographic or census information for your maps? Check out the ArcGIS Living Atlas first! There was a wide variety of premade data that can be added and redesigned for projects.

Notes about Living Atlas:

  • When searching for data, make sure to set the filter to "layers". Maps and other data available in the Living Atlas may not be as flexible for redesign
  • All layers can be added to maps in the ArcGIS Online web maps
  • Census information can be broken down to different levels, however - there may be some regions where data is not as complete

How do we locate demographic data in the Living Atlas? Search for "ACS demographics"

I need help!

Need help or experiencing at tech issue with ArcGIS Online or Story Maps?

  • Sara Dale is available during staffed hours! Monday - Friday from 8am - 9pm
    • Anyone is welcome to book an in-person or virtual appointment with me! I will also sometimes do office hours.
  • For outside staffed hours:
    • DiSCO workers are available to help! The DiSCO staffed hours are Monday - Thursday from 9am to 9pm, Friday from 9am to 5pm, or Saturday & Sunday 12pm to 9pm
    • Contact the IT Helpdesk! Submit a ticket

Tips for Working with Digital Maps & Story Maps

At the end of your project, make sure to clean up any data in pop-ups that might have been carried over from a spreadsheet or dataset! We can remove ID numbers, empty fields, or edit titles of pop-ups to it is easier for a reader to understand the data.