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Euromonitor Passport - What is it?

What is Euromonitor Passport?

Euromonitor Passport is an online market research tool that monitors industry trends and gives you strategic analysis and a market size and market share database for products and services across key countries. Passport is Euromonitor International's global market analysis software platform, which analyses industries in countries around the world."

What can you find in Passport?

  • Industry data - multi-country relational database of market and category sizes, market shares, distribution patterns, sales forecasts and other measurements relevant to each sector.

  • Country reports - in-depth analysis reports on both developed and emerging national markets. Each report provides qualitative commentary on sales trends, new product and marketing developments, consumer preferences, national company and brand competition and market strategies, and the views and assumptions underlying national sales forecasts.

  • Global reports assessing the key issues affecting international market performance, with a focus on important developments by product sector and big picture competition strategy.

  • Company profiles - analytical profiles of the top international players in the industry, compiled in a standardised format for cross analysis.

  • Comment - articles and presentations on key themes and discussion topics around the dynamics of the category.

(Passport FAQ - 9/16/13)

Using Passport

Registering for an account
On the Passport home page you can register for an account.  Setting up your own Passport account will allow you to save your work to a private work space within the database so that you can come back to results you generated from previous sessions.  Please use your St. Olaf e-mail address when registering.

Researching an Industry
The easiest way to begin is to select the "Industries" link at the top of the initial Passport screen and select the industry you are researching.  You will be presented with the latest news about this industry along with some controls at the top of the screen to navigate through what is available.  These controls will allow you to isolate to particular product categories and find information about growth and prospects for the industry.  You can also look at the top companies in a particular industry and use the last panel to present the data visually.

Whenever Passport presents you with raw data you can download that data to a spreadsheet or a pdf file, or you can save it to your work space.  Look for the icons in the upper right hand corner of pages where this is possible.

Countries and Consumers
This section of the database allows you to mine data regarding population characteristics for particular geographical areas.  You can explore consumer trends, business climates, as well as incomes and expenditures.

Dashboards allow you to visualize data through graphs, charts, and maps.