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History 396: Archaeological Research

Site reports include text and illustrations that describe the results and findings of an archeological excavation. Site reports are published in a number of different ways:

Find Site Reports in Books

Search Catalyst using the following words as a Subject Heading (Advanced Search)

Excavations (Archaeology) -- (insert name of country OR site name) 

Example: Excavations (Archaeology) -- Mexico

or try:

(insert name of country OR site name OR people) -- Antiquities

Example: Aztecs -- Antiquities or Mexico City (Mexico) -- Antiquities.


Find Site Reports in Journals

Search in any of the article databases on the Find Articles tab. Use any of the following keywords along with a country name, region, object, or site name:

  • excavation
  • antiquities
  • archaeology
  • report
  • site
  • historical

Find Site Reports on the Open Web

Use keywords like excavation, site report, archaeology, + your topic or the site name.