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Japanese 320: The World of Spirited Away


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Sara Lynnore
Rolvaag Memorial Library (RML) 477
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What is Mind-Mapping?

Mind-mapping is method of brainstorming ideas and thoughts in order to create a structured plan. This can be for goal planning, research purposes, or even just planning tasks and thoughts for day-to-day life.

These can be created with formal diagram programs like Google Diagrams ( - or freestyle drawing with color, pictures, and other visual mediums.

It is not required to have a specific topic in mind - start with a broad idea, and use mind-mapping as a way to narrow it down into defined parts. If using it for research purposes, it can be really helpful towards crafting a thesis statement.

Mind-Mapping Session #1: Visualizing your Goals

Mind-Mapping Session #2: Spirited Away Research Topic

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