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Music 345: Music in Paris in the 1920s

Primary Resources in Databases

Many of the databases provided by the St. Olaf Libraries include primary resources. 

Navigate to the A-Z database list and click the "Database Types" menu. Archives, images, and news databases are excellent places to look for primary sources for humanities research.

image of the database type list

Image Databases

There is a close connection between music and the visual arts. Image databases include paintings, sculptures, cartoons and comics, architectural photographs, and the like.

Databases for letters, diaries, and other materials

The digital archive databases will often contain letters, diaries, news reports, and other materials.  St. Olaf Libraries do not subscribe to any databases that specifically cover 1920s Paris. However, if your topic involves touches on the experiences of women, African Americans, or World War I, you may find relevant information here.

Newspaper Databases

Newspaper reports can include interviews, concert reviews, and celebrity gossip. The English-language databases below may be useful for French projects. Be sure also to check out the Primary Sources: The Internet tab to the left for links to historical French newspapers.