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Researching a Company

Searching in Bridge² for books & articles

Bridge² Box on Library home page

Bridge² allows massive searching of scholarly resources -- books, films and music owned by St. Olaf and Carleton on the "Books and More" side, and journal articles and newspapers on the "Articles and More" side.  [Do a search and the two columns will appear.]  Facets help you narrow your search once you decide which "side" you want to work within. [Click on "Books and More" or "Articles and More" at the top of the first display after the search box to enter.]

Many, many more full text articles are now available through this resource.  However, the discipline-focused databases you have always used will make possible a more narrow/focused search, and the content of some databases is not covered exhaustively in Bridge².  You will still need to consult individual databases for more articles, primary materials and streamed films and music as well.  Find them listed on the Databases page.

At the Rolvaag Reference Desk

Some Helpful Books