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Researching a Company

James J. Hill Reference Library

James J. Hill Reference Library
80 4th Street West
St. Paul, MN  55102

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"The James J. Hill Reference Library is a private non-profit business reference library, located in Saint Paul, MN. Since 1921, the Hill Library has housed a world-class collection of practical business information resources and is considered one of the most comprehensive business libraries in the country. It was founded by one of the nation's true business pioneers, James J. Hill, in order to provide others with relevant and credible information" (see About page)

flickr: dreamy library by Payton Chung

University of Minnesota Business Library

flickr: Wilson Library, University of Minnesota by Karen

U of M Business Library
Wilson Library, 1st floor (West bank)
309 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN  55455

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