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Researching a Company

General info

The Occupational Outlook Handbook
This resource is published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and is a good place to start gathering some basic information about the occupation you are exploring.  It will provide you with information about the nature of the work, training required, job outlook, earnings, etc.

Corporate web sites
Corporate web sites show you how a particular company presents itself to the world.  Product and branding information is found here as well as how the company markets itself.  For public companies, digging a little deeper (usually under a heading such as "investor relations") you can find an annual report as well as the companies financials.  Sometimes, companies have a couple of web sites: one for the consumer of the company's products, and one for the investor.  You should look at both to learn as much about the company as you can.
You can also get free access to annual reports from this web site.

Some other useful links


Fortune 500 companies

Fastest Growing Companies

100 Best Companies to Work For


Local info

Minnesota & Twin Cities Resources

Positively Minnesota (Department of Employment and Economic Development)
Useful information on this web site for finding a job or starting a business in Minnesota.

Minnesota/St. Paul Business Journal
Timely articles to help you stay on top of business in the Twin Cities.

Fortune 500 Companies in Minnesota

creative commons: Minnesota State Capital Building by Michael Hicks

100 Best Companies to Work For
Brought to you by Minnesota Business Magazine

100 Largest Companies in Minnesota
An annual report from the StarTribune on the largest publicly traded companies in Minnesota.