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PACON 181: Contemporary Controversies

Rolvaag - The Main Library

Rolvaag Library is the main campus library at St. Olaf. It is located on the east side of campus and connected through a walkway to Buntrock Commons. Rolvaag Library maps by floor can be found here; note that the library has 5 floors, and you enter the building on the 3rd floor.

Rolvaag Resources

Circulation Desk: The Circulation Desk is immediately to your left as you walk into the lobby of Rolvaag. This is where you take books that you have found in the library that you want to check out and take back to your dorm. You simply hand your books to the library worker at the desk along with your Ole Card and they will check out your books for you. They will tell you when your books are due back. Check here to see what check out periods are.

Research & Instruction Librarians - Get to Know Us!
Research & Instruction Librarians assist you with your research by visiting your classes and teaching you about research, follow up with one-on-one sessions when you need them, and create online research guides that you can consult as you work on your projects. You can make an appointment with a librarian here.

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IT Helpdesk:
The IT Helpdesk is located to your right as you enter the Rolvaag atrium. If you need help with general computing issues, please contact the IT Helpdesk. Common Helpdesk requests are often related to accounts and passwords, classroom technologies, equipment checkout, Gmail migration, printer setup network folder access, cybersecurity, network registration and connectivity. Stop by the Helpdesk or submit a Helpdesk ticket at The IT Help Desk is staffed by students and IT staff.

Reference Room
This is the large room on the 3rd floor of Rolvaag where we keep dictionaries, encyclopedias, guidebooks, etc. It is the room with the presidential portraits and big wooden tables. It is a popular place to study and do research and there is an expectation that it is a quiet space. Books in the reference room can not be checked out and should be used in the reference room. When finished using a book, please place it on one of the book carts in the reference room.

DVDs, Blurays & Video Games
The Rolvaag Media Room on the 3rd floor has many DVDs, Blurays and Video Games that you can check out. The DVDs and Blurays are divided into two collections: documentaries and feature films. The feature films are organized by title and the documentaries are organized by call numbers just like the books. There is also a limited number of video games housed on a separate shelf for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Xbox One consoles.

New Fiction/New Non-fiction Browsing Collection
Once you pass the Circulation Desk take a left and you will find two bookcases that contain the latest fiction and non-fiction books. This is a great place to check if you are looking for leisure reading or for the latest scholarly books that have arrived.