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Business Research for Biomedical Innovation Scholars

Crossover to Bio 395 Guide

Information You Will Need

There are several pieces of information that you will need to do your research in this class.  The tabs in this guide will lead you to some tips on how to find the information you will need, such as:


Keywords:  This is the vocabulary you already possess.  What are the words you use to describe what it is you are researching?  This is the logical place to start down the research path.


Subject terms: You will find these in the databases you search -- usually on a summary page for an article.


NAICS Codes: This stands for North American Industry Classification System.  Every industry is assigned a unique code and every company that falls within that industry gets tagged with the code.  Helpful when searching databases.


Ticker Symbols: These are letter codes assigned to companies whose stock is publicly traded on the stock market.