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Business Research for Biomedical Innovation Scholars

Company Information

View from the Inside/View from the Outside

Inside View: Annual Reports give you a view of a particular company from the company's point of view.  They are typically glossy and are pitched towards people who own stock or are considering buying stock in the company.  Therefore, you will only find annual reports for public companies.  They portray the company in positive terms.  You can find them linked to a company's profile in Mergent Intellect, linked from the company's web page (scroll to the bottom of the main web page and look for a link with the wording "Investors" or "Investor Relations") or by searching


Outside View: For information about a company from an outside perspective, consult articles and reports that you find in Business Source Premier, The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times.  You can now create your own account with The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.  Check the links below: