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Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Mapping

What is GPS?

What satellite constellations are out there?


NAVSTAR (Navigation System using Timing and Ranging)

  • Owned by the United States
  • Developed by the Department of Defense

GLONASS (Globalnaya Navigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema or Global Navigation Satellite System)

  • Owned by the Russian Federation


  • Owned by the European Union

IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System)

  • Owned by India
  • Coverage of the Indian subcontinent and Indian Ocean


  • Owned by China

Working with GPS Data in the Field?

Are you looking to start a data collection project in the field with GPS units? We have a variety of equipment available on campus to checkout for GPS projects:

  • TDC600 Android GPS unit
  • R2 Receiver (sub-decimeter accuracy)
  • ArcGIS Field Maps + ArcGIS Online for data collection

**ArcGIS Collector has been deprecated in most forms and was replaced with Field Maps. We no longer support ArcGIS Collector at St. Olaf**

Data collected in this way does not use post-processing. If your project needs post-processing, please fill out this form to request alternative equipment