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Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Mapping

How do I access ArcGIS Pro?

ArcGIS Pro is accessible in the DiSCO and RNS 400. 

Starting September 2021, we are primarily an ArcGIS Pro campus. ArcMap is being deprecated by ESRI and will no longer be available in 2024 - it will be completely discontinued for download in 2026. We will still install ArcMap in specific scenarios - some software extensions are not yet compatible with Pro.

If you believe you need ArcMap for a research project, please fill out a request here

We can install ArcGIS Pro on any college Windows computer - if you would like the program installed on your computer, contact the IT Helpdesk. We are not able to install ArcGIS Pro on personal computers.

Using Google Drive with ArcGIS Pro

You can use Google Drive as a folder connection for ArcGIS Pro! Do to this - you need to download Google Drive for Desktop. This can be found by searching for "download Google Drive for Desktop" or by going to Google Drive and clicking on the wheel icon on the top right.

Google Drive for Desktop works on both Mac and Windows - however, ArcGIS Pro is only compatible with Windows.

Starting a Project