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Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Mapping

Citations and Attributions in Story Maps

How should you add citations or Story Maps? There are a variety of ways! Check with your professor to see if they have a preference and a preferred format style.

Sharing, Collaboration, and Publishing

When working with Story Maps in a group project - a group setup by an ArcGIS admin is required for collaborative editing. To request a group, contact the IT Helpdesk and let us know:

  • What you would like the Group name to be
  • The names and St. Olaf emails for all group members
  • We can't add non-St. Olaf emails to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS groups - St. Olaf users only

Please note:

  • ArcGIS does not allow for synchronous editing with multiple users (multiple people can't edit the same project at the same time). But multiple people can contribute to the same project.
  • We can't add users to a Group until they accept the ArcGIS Online invite

Tips & Recommendations